Do you put the passion in compassion? Does the act of giving offer you more pleasure than a box of chocolates? Are you ready to bring a wave of positive change to your community and beyond? If you gave a resounding “YES” to all those questions, we want you!

Why Work with Us?

Good Deeds is seeking self-motivated and empathetic individuals who genuinely believe in the power of making the world a better place. Your role will be dynamic, like the relationships we aim to establish with our beautiful communities. There will never be a dull moment as we invest our valuable time brainstorming outreach ideas and spreading the Good Deeds mission.

Team Benefits:

  • Health Benefits - We’re always looking out for you! Members of the Good Deeds team will enjoy a wide range of health benefits to ensure that they receive the care and treatment they deserve.

  • RRSP Contributions - We care about your future. Good Deeds believes in contributing to your financial health and well-being by matching all RRSP contributions.

  • Work from Home - We understand the impacts the new normal or any other mobility restrictions have on our ability to earn income. Our roles are flexible, and we believe that Good Deeds can exist at any time and any place.

  • Unlimited Vacation - Good Deeds practices a method-neutral system that provides team members with the freedom to function at their best according to their natural rhythm. We have faith that the most well-rested minds and bodies can achieve wonders.

  • Free Virtual Credits - You’re instantly a brand ambassador once you’re on board. As such, we’d like to provide you with a superb orientation of the platform with free virtual credits. We believe your firsthand experience will help shape a better understanding of the Good Deeds mission and community.

  • If you’re interested in joining the Good Deeds family, please reach out and let us know how you wish to contribute. One of our team members will contact you shortly to get to know you a little better before proceeding with the rest of the hiring process.

  • We hope to hear from you soon!


Do Good. Feel Better. Get Rewarded.


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